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Summer is well and truly over with a rainy, windy day. But it was a long, hot summer so we can not really complain and some say the sea is still warm even now,.though I have not personally tested that. The rain held off for the ANZAC parades this year though and the little ceremony in Waipu was well attended which was good to see. A very poignant service - We shall remember them.


Cloudy and rainy but still warm. There is a bit of wind so the sea is a bit choppy.


A few white caps today. Waipu Cove now has its own Surf School - enquire with your booking!


The"Madly Indian" restaurant, cooking tasty Indian dishes from the Punjab area, continues to be a local favourite as well as the famous Pizza Barn. Zany's Haven is hoping they may start doing deliveries soon! The local Fish 'n' Chip shop has reopened after its fire! Food is also available at the local RSA club (opposite the Fire Station) at reasonable cost. There are also new owners of the Waipu Cove Cafe who enjoyed a roaring success in the first summer season and is recommended too. The Cove Cafe does takeaways too.

The Waipu Museum intends to be the best small museum in the Southern Hemisphere - come and check it out for yourself. To commerate the start of WWI the Waipu Museum has installed story boards around Waipu telling some of the stories of the local brave men and women who lost their lives in the Great War, so that we can always remember them. For more info visit www.waipumuseum.com


Zany's Haven supports and is a subscriber to the New Zealand Fairy Tern Charitable Trust. Once common, this small shorebird is now in danger of extinction with less than 40 birds left in New Zealand. Within easy walking distance of Zany's Haven is one of the few sites, at the Waipu River Estuary, were they still breed.

The Fairy Terns breeding season was hailed a success again. Lets hope the success continues after disasterous previous years with feral cats attacking nests and birds, to people trampling on chicks two days from being able to fly. The DOC rangers have been working hard to trap the cats and educate the beach goers, but even they can not be there all the time. Please be mindful of the rich wildlife at the Waipu River Estuary Reserve. Other birds can also be seen at the Reserve including rare NZ birds such as the NZ Dotterel, Caspian Tern and Variable Oystercatchers. Please remember dogs are not allowed in the reserve area.


Highland Games every January 1st in The Caledonian Park, Waipu. Book accommodation early as Waipu soon fills up!

Waipu Easter Carnival on Easter Saturday in The Caledonian Park, Waipu.

Waipu Wearable Arts Show and Waipu in Tartan runs in July visit www.waipumuseum.com for more info

Waipu Street Market and Antique Fair are on every long weekend, the anniversary weekend in January. Then for Queens' birthday in early June and Labour weekend in October.

Boutique Sunday Market at the Waipu Coronation Hall on the Second Sunday in every month, check out the website www.waipumarket.co.nz

For more information check out www.breambay.co.nz



This is my favourite short walk that I can do before having to go to work in the mornings. It only takes an hour and means I do not have to drive my car to the start of the walk. I just walk down the drive and turn right along Cove Road to Johnson Point Road and then left down that road and I am at the Waipu wildlife reserve (about 10 minutes). I can usuallly spot Kingfishers, Herons, Shags, Dotterels, Fairy Terns, Oystercatchers and a variety of seagulls. I usually like to go at low tide (when you can, if you so desire, access the beach across the estuary and go for a swim or if I have longer walk to Waipu Cove and back. A walk of 2 hours.) What makes this walk so interesting is the constant changes that happen at the mouth of the Waipu river estuary. The sand banks are never same and river is always changing its course to the sea. It is always good to go after a storm when the changes are at there most drastic and you can really see the power of nature. It always amazes me. It is also funny to see what washes up on the tide too. After a particularly bad storm you could see garden gates, perfectly cut logs that had been waiting to go on someone's fire, boots and shoes and even a garden chair! Funny thing is they all disappeared rather quickly. Guess I am not the only person who likes this walk. Why not come and try it for yourself?


Walking from the Waipu wildlife reserve to the groin at the mouth of the Waipu river estuary View of Whangarei Heads from the groin at the mouth of the Waipu river estuary
looking back at Zany's Haven B&B (top-left) from the groin at the mouth of the Waipu river estuary Walking back to Zany's Haven B&B from the groin at the mouth of the Waipu river estuary

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