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About Waipu

Waipu is a coastal town settled by Scottish pioneers over 150 years ago. Within easy reach, are five beaches of golden sands and good surf. For some of the services on offer check out the links below.
Activities include golf, kayaking, horse-trekking, fishing, bird-watching, swimming, diving, surfing, walking, caving. In Waipu itself there are two restaurants, one takeaways, two cafes, a local heritage musuem and most of the essential shops and services you should need .

Links to help plan your holiday

www.waipumuseum.comDiscover Waipu's rich heritage and Scottish origins. more on the Bream Bay area

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www.northlandnz.comLearn about the arrival of the first maori canoes to New Zealand and the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. North's Treaty of Waitangi Night Show fishing charters or Dolphin/whalewatching in Bream Bay

Waipu Golf Club about the annual highland games held in Waipu every year trips to Poor Knights Islands 

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Comprehensive bus travel with comfort stops for the independent traveller


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So how did a Maid of Kent, who had lived in London for 20 years, come to settle on the other side of the world in the small village of Waipu, New Zealand?

Having been born on the south side of the River Medway that runs through Maidstone, Kent, England, that makes me a Maid of Kent. If I had been born on the northern side of the Medway I would be a Kentish Maid.

I always say that Waipu choose me as I did not make a conscious decision to immigrate to New Zealand. It happened more as part of the ebb and flow of just accepting the direction being offered. It all started merely as a holiday to visit my recently immigrated sister and her family in Amberley, South Island. Just before I left on that holiday of a lifetime I was made redundant for the fourth time so I decided to extend my trip for as long as I could.

My travels brought me to a friend's brother who had settled in Whangarei. He introduced me to Waipu and some new young businesses there. One of which offered me a holiday job. But it did not take long for me to fall in love with the Waipu Community and the good, supportive people here. Within a month of living in Waipu I realized I wanted to stay. So I applied for and was granted residency and now I'm here to stay. In February 2009 I attended my NZ Citizenship ceremony and am now the proud owner of a Kiwi passport.

                                                                                                                                        - Corralie February, 2009


The view from the top. Aerial view of Zany;s Haven

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